Whats Needed in the Trench Shore Work

Whats Needed in the Trench Shore Work
21 Oct

When we are talking about trench shoring, we also talk about the type of methods of installation, the tools to use, and the right construction system to implement. After all, a trench shoring work shouldn’t be underestimated or overlooked for the sake of the workers and the continuation of the project itself. After all, can you imagine how much it is going to cost in case such tragedy happens?


The Principle

Trench shoring is designed and implemented to prevent accidents related to trenches construction. Imagine this, you are digging w deep hole and how can you be so sure that the soil won’t collapse? The trench shoring is one of the most common methods in the construction industry to create a better surrounding and environment for the trench excavation work. With the trench shoring, a kind of support for the wall and the surrounding soil is built, enforcing the strength of the trenches. When the trench shoring has been done, it creates a safer working environment for the workers. hydraulic shoring equipment


The Equipment and Tools

There are different types of tools and equipment used in the trench shoring process. The most common procedures include the soldier boarding, hydraulic shoring, and also the beam and plate system. They are also different in the implementation and practice:

The hydraulic system uses the hydraulic pistons and heavy plywood (sometimes also steel plates) to support the trench. The plywood is placed and the hydraulic pistons are generated so the plywood will be pressed firmly on the walls.

The beam and plate system uses steel beams ‘planted’ on the ground and then steel plates are inserted amongst the steel beams. In some cases, wooden planks can be used to replace the steel plates. aluminum trench box equipment


If you are still in doubts about this procedure and you need an advice, it is better to consult the real professional or company to help you with the process.


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